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Our extensive client list includes universities, hospitals, businesses, and hundreds of school districts throughout the Midwest.


"Mr. Douglas has successfully trained our faculty and staff, worked with our students, and wisely advised me. He has enhanced our skill level in mediation and negotiation. He has been invaluable on issues of race. His identification of hidden agendas is priceless."


"You will find him interesting, informative, enjoyable, and eminently competent."


“Your engaging style and easy-to-understand message is improving the culture of our district, one staff member at a time!”

“It was informative, highly energizing and encouraging for this group of professionals. They really seemed hungry for the information and indicated through their evaluations that they would like to continue their study of this area further.”


 “Our students began school yesterday with teachers who were better prepared to meet the diverse needs of our students, because of your efforts.” 


“He pushed me outside of my normal thinking of my world and how we are all the same. Good interaction…Very useful.”

“Good to know where kids thoughts are and how we can reach them. Brings you back to reality in knowing that not everyone comes from the same background. Too many times we make assumptions about people. This makes you think again.”